Jackdaws @ home

Webcam in the Castle Tower

Around Landshut Castle, there is a colony of about 80 grey jackdaws. These intelligent birds belong to the raven family and are protected in Switzerland. In Landshut, they breed in tree cavities and specially-made bird houses. From the castle courtyard, one can observe them well. The webcam is installed in one of the bird houses just underneath the castle tower's roof.

The nest is prepared for breeding in April. From mid to late April, the female lays between three and six eggs.
After an incubation period of about 16 to 20 days, the baby birds hatch. If the upbringing goes well, the young fly out in the middle or end of June.

In spring 2019, the jackdaw colony in Landshut consisted of 82 birds, thereof 36 couples. This is slightly more compared to 2018 with a number of 72 birds, thereof 29 couples.

Watch the breeding of our grey jackdaw!

Live Webcam

In the beginning of april 2019 already, a jackdaw could be seen carrying twigs into the empty nesting box and by mid-april the building of the nest was in full swing, with the weather dry and quite warm. A fortnight later, the female was sitting in the nest, and, being very secretive, did not let us get a glimpse of her eggs; the male was coming, and going, and she sat, and slept, and sat, and slept. We could only guess the number of eggs, were there two, or three? On 22nd of may, we were in the clear, one only young, recently hatched, was making itself felt. Of the other eggs, no trace was left. Well fed and cared for by its parents, the young ‘single child’ jackdaw was growing fast, and, like its mother before, it kept a mystifying attitude about itself: It did not want to share its flying out with us, the nest was found empty on june 19th, the young jackdaw supposed to be bustling about in the nearby plane-trees with its contemporaries and the older birds.
From july to october, the empty nesting box is sporadically visited by jackdaws that come individually or in pairs. They do never stay long, though.

In the year 2018, three jackdaw young hatched on may 22nd. One was considerably smaller, but it made it until their flying-out of the nest on june 18th.
In that same year, the jackdaw colony at Landshut Castle consisted of 29 breeding pairs, and a total of 72 individuals.

Webcam jackdaws, previous years