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Special Exhibition 2020 Grimms Tierleben Vom Wildgetier in Wald und Feld

The sly fox, the clever owl, the bad wolf, in fairy tales wild animals have fixed roles and characteristics that still shape our image of the respective species today.

This year's special exhibition at Landshut Castle is taking the visitor into the world of Grimm Brother’s animal tales. Equipped with a magic wand, young and old alike can wander through a fairytale forest, making the wild animals speak. We also follow the tracks of the «real» animals living in the wild and get to know many more fascinating aspects of our «wild neighbours» in a research camp!

Ten of our most well-known native wild animal species, such as the bear and the deer, but also mouses and sparrows, are present as zoological specimens. A little booklet gives information from a scientific point of view - and also some «hunter's tales» should not be missing... !

A programme of attractive side events is highlighting particularly interesting and entertaining aspects of the special exhibition.

Many artists have been inspired by animal scenes in the Grimm Brother’s fairy tales. A selection of the most beautiful illustrations from children's picture books, published by NordSüd in Zurich, can be discovered in a small side exhibition!

The cozy chair standing the pop-up reading corner on the first floor of the granary is inviting visitors to be a teller of fairy tales to their listeners. A selection of books with both traditional and modern fairy tales, compiled by the Chinderbuechlade Bern, serves as reading material.

The special exhibition, produced by the Natural History Museum of Winterthur, can be seen until october 11th at the granary hall of the castle.

A dossier with teaching material for schools is available in German.
Please order from, stating your postal address.

Please note, that this exhibition is in German language, as well as the fairy tales told.
At the pop-up reading corner, you will find fairy tale books in English.

Permanent Exhibitions

Upon walking around the castle and the grain houses, explore the fascinating way of life of the huntable and protected native wildlife, as well as the hunt in all of its interesting and surprising facets.

The Dr René La Roche Collection on the History of Hunting

Unique collection of over 600 hunting objects and accessories from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

On the second floor above the ground floor of the granary

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The Hunting Horn

On the first floor above ground level in the granary.

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Firearms of the Swiss Hunters in the 19th and 20th centuries

In the attic of the castle

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Falconry - A Griffin on my Hand

It was one of the most elegant hunting methods, the most beautiful hunting method of kings and emperors - hawking or falconry.

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Decoys – Heinrich and Heidi Brandenberger Collection

In the attic of the castle

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Wildlife and Man in the Cultural Landscape

In three rooms on the first floor and in one room on the second floor above ground level of the castle

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The Hunting Dog - Ally and Friend

In the attic of the castle

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Traces of Hunting in Switzerland

In the attic of the castle

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Swiss game trophies in a unique historical ambience

  • Deer, red and ibex from Switzerland in the corridors of the castle
  • Chamois from Switzerland in the stair tower
  • Ibex from the colony of Augstmatthorn/Bernese Oberland in the Carnozet (wine cellar)