Swiss Castle Day 2020 - Come in!

Every hour is fairy tale hour!

From 10.00 h every hour until 16.00 h, duration approx. 20 minutes each.

With different storytellers. You will be hearing the well-known as well as some of the less common fairy tales, where wild animals are to be met!

On the 1st floor of the Granary, limited number of seats, registration is not necessary.
The stories are told in German, on demand, we will tell stories in English as well.

Drawing Fairy Tale Animals

11.00h and 14.00h, duration ca. 2h

The cunning fox, the clever owl, the bad wolf - in the fairytale forest of this year's special exhibition at Landshut Castle, young and old alike will meet these wild animals face to face.

Under the guidance of Martin Ryser, illustrator at the Natural History Museum in Bern, we will learn how to capture the human aspect of these fairy-tale animals and the magical world of Grimm's tales in drawings. Also, we will be shown  how to skilfully bring out the real side of the wild animals living in the nature around us!
Inscription necessary until october 2nd: landshut@nmbe.ch

GiM – Generations at the Museum - Eye to Eye with the Wild Animals at the Moated Castle

13.30h to 16.30 h

From the fat fish in the castle pond to the impressive brown bear in the museum - museum guests of different generations are getting inspired by the unique atmosphere of Landshut Castle. And, meeting, they tell their stories to each other.
With the kids of offene Kunstwerkstatt „Kidswest", Bern-Bümpliz

The language of the activities is German.
In the case of questions or remarks, generally, the referees understand and speak English.

More about the Swiss Castle Day www.dieschweizerschloesser.ch

With our thanks to

Natural History Museum Bern, www.nmbe.ch
Offenes Kunstatelier Kidswest, www.kidswest.ch 

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