At Landshut Castle, this season there are exciting facts to discover in the world of nature, native wildlife and hunting. And with the new special exhibition "Grimms Tierleben", Landshut will become a fairytale castle for the young and the elder!

Between dinner and bedtime, the tours on thursday evenings each month, provide educational information on the subject of "animal sounds".

As part of the special exhibitions supporting events, a series of five played animal stories will put our wild animal species in the spotlight and guided tours “by children for children” will  show, how the young experience the bear, the wolf, the fox or the mouse, both in fairy tales and in research.

Making a favourite animal immortal with a poem or through music, at Landshut Castle it will be made  possible, working with a hip Spoken Word Poet, or else, in september at the Poetry Studio, led by a well-known Bernese author.

The return of the wolves to Switzerland and the first year in the life of the reindeer “Ailo” will be documented on the big screen by the two films shown at this year's Open Air Film Soirées in the courtyard of Landshut Castle.

This season's programme with all the events in 2020 (in German) here

Thank you for supporting us in 2020!

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